Our own PEACHES, white and yellow flesh, were picked from our trees this morning!

Peach pancakes, peaches on ice cream, use them for your favorite recipe, but just a plain peach alone will satisfy those looking for a juicy treat!

They aren’t called “LEANERS” for nothing!

GRAVENSTEIN APPLES! These ones are Tart, but guaranteed they will make one of the best apple pies!
SANSA APPLES – Sweet and crisp, for a summer apple they are great for eating!
JMAC APPLES – An early Macintosh apple for the tart apple eaters.

SUGAR PUMPKINS – That’s right, all fall pumpkin lovers, we have SUGAR PUMPKINS!! Great for any pumpkin cooking!!
TOMATOES – Lots and LOTS of tomatoes! Great for making sauces, salsas, sandwiches, or sliced on the plate.

Also Available in our STORE…

Red PlumsGreen BeansBell Peppers
Italian Ramshorn PeppersSummer SquashZucchini

Bakery is in Full Swing!

We will now start to have baked pies available in our store DAILY!!
We will also have frozen pies available.
We encourage “calling ahead”, but we will be baking pies daily.
Our kitchen also has…Donuts, Blueberry Muffins, Apple Turnovers, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Blueberry Coffee Cake, Regular Coffee Cake.